VFX Pre-production

Tell us your idea and we will find the most comfortable and efficient way to record it, offering you the different options that our experience in the world of visual effects gives us. We will help you decide what type of shots to make, when to use chroma or other techniques and how to record.

VFX supervision on set

When everything is ready for filming. We offer our services for the supervision, to facilitate the whole process of recording the sequences with effects, so you will have one less thing to worry about.

Visual effects composition

Chroma key, extension of decorations, matte painting, fire, smoke, explosions, destruction, erasure of elements, digital makeup, weather changes, insertion of elements, blood effects, add vapors ... and a very long etc is what we can contribute to your project; If you have doubts, ask us for examples of any kind of effect.


From a soccer ball to an entire cathedral under construction, passing through castles and spaceships, electronics products, vehicles, interior and exterior decorations, medical and engineering simulations, documentaries for planetariums, we can make any 3D project.


Children Tv Shows, advertising, corporate videos ... we can animate any character, it does not matter if it has limbs or not or if it has to be placed in a 3D or real environment.

Green Screen Studio

We offer our 60m2 real-time chroma Studio. We do projects for clients of all kinds, in addition to our VFX tests and layer recording for series and movies. www.plato64.com www.plato64.com


We look for the most cinematic shots possible, applying the experience we have in virtual three-dimensional environments. We use drones in different ways than usual, staying within the most classic audiovisual language.

Motion Capture

If you work on character animation or need to animate a realistic character, we offer you our motion capture suit, for use in our studio or in rental mode, you only need a laptop and a Wi-Fi network to use it.

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